Christmas Box Office Preview: ‘Aquaman 2’ Leads Holiday Slate Devoid of Sizzle

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With no major hits on the horizon, post-release buzz and sustained audience turnout are the best the film industry can hope for

"The Color Purple," "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," and "Migration"

Unlike the past two years, the 2023 holiday box office will not have a massive hit like “Spider-Man: No Way Home” or “Avatar: The Way of Water” to turbocharge ticket sales. In its place are a medley of films looking for longterm success after modest starts this Christmas weekend — and not all of them are expected to succeed.

The No. 1 film this weekend is expected to be Warner Bros./DC’s “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” a sequel to James Wan’s $1.15 billion superhero hit released back in 2018. “Aquaman” earned an opening weekend of $67 million five years ago and reached $100 million in domestic grosses after Christmas Day two days later.


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