‘Migration’ Review: Illumination’s First Original in Years Is a Welcome Change of Pace

The animated road comedy, cowritten by Mike White, runs at a breakneck pace

“Migration” (Universal Pictures)

Speed is of the essence in director Benjamin Renner’s “Migration,” a fleet-footed, airborne ramble grounded by Illumination’s unwavering house style. But then, speed is always of the essence throughout the house that Gru built, where all outings promise pop antics at a breakneck pace. On that front, this latest film delivers in spades, only often at the expense of a slightly more gentle and uncluttered register that feels like a breath of fresh air for the studio. True to its title, “Migration” doesn’t linger – though one often wishes it would.

Running a brisk 75 minutes (and preceded by both a Minions-fronted short and title card), this mallard road comedy tracks the well-trodden ground of scrapes and squabbles and action set-pieces; landing midway between the releases of this year’s franchise starter “The Super Mario Bros.


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