‘Anyone But You’ Review: Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Rom-Com Is Overstuffed

The R-rated enemies-to-lovers story lacks narrative tension

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell in Anyone But You
Sony Pictures

Destination weddings are more suited for disaster movies than rom-coms. In real life, I’m the frugal Grinch that resists spending gobs of money to witness the wedding of two spendthrift souls, however exotic the locale. Add to that the natural strains of a major life decision played out in public. Plus the stressors of air travel in the time of sleep-deprived pilots, drunken handsy seat mates, ornery support animals, panic attacks (mine!) and unexplained delays.

A good time was had by all? Not bloody likely, Mate.

In Will Gluck’s overstuffed “Anyone But You,” that destination is summery Sydney, Australia. Look: it’s the opera house, sandy beaches, a koala bear and a really horrifying spider! The racy rom-com centers on an affluent wedding between two lovely, compatible, delightful women, Claudia (Alexandra Shipp) and Halle (Hadley Robinson).


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  1. cadavra Avatar

    The fact that the trailer itself contains not one but two dick injuries immediately marks this as one to skip.

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