Seth Meyers Agrees Nikki Haley Is ‘Right’ That Term Limits Are Necessary: ‘How About Half a Term, Is That Too Soon?’ | Video

The NBC host immediately picked on New York mayor Eric Adams as an example

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley continues to push for term limits on all politicians, and at this point, Seth Meyers agrees with her. In fact, on Tuesday night, the NBC host wondered if “half a term” is “too soon” to give someone the boot.

Haley’s latest call for term limits comes in a recent campaign ad attacking Biden, in which she also calls for mental competency tests. Meyers agreed, at least partly, saying “we need young, sharp politicians, like New York mayor Eric Adams.”

From there, Meyers played a clip from a recent interview Adams gave, in which he was asked to sum up 2023 in one word.


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