Hollywood Progressives Face Crisis Over Left-Wing Support for Gaza: ‘You Didn’t Show Up on Oct. 7’

In parlor meetings and industry restaurants, Hollywood progressive Jews are struggling with a lack of visible support from longtime fellow travelers

JERUSALEM - NOVEMBER 06: Family members of hostages and missing persons, and their supporters, call for government action and to bring the hostages home at a protest outside The Knesset on November 6, 2023 in Jerusalem. As the Israeli government vows to eliminate Hamas, whose Oct 7 attacks left an estimated 1,400 dead and over 230 kidnapped, the fate of those hostages has complicated the country's military response. Families of the victims worry that the military offensive may result in hostages being killed during Israeli bombing or from Hamas's reprisals. Some families and friends of hostages, who remain in Gaza, are calling on the government to trade for Palestinian prisoners. (Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images)
Photo by Alexi J. Rosenfeld/Getty Images

The other day Oscar-nominated producer Lawrence Bender called a longtime friend, an activist, and wanted to know: Where has he been? Like many Jews in America, Bender has been suffering sleepless nights, anxiety over the massacre of Jews in southern Israel, fear over a sudden spike in antisemitism in this country. Combined with an anger at the feeling of abandonment by friends in the progressive political sphere. 

“I’ve called some of my friends directly and said exactly this: I marched with you. I made movies about Black Lives Matter. I feel like I do everything I can — not as a Jew but as a person.


6 responses to “Hollywood Progressives Face Crisis Over Left-Wing Support for Gaza: ‘You Didn’t Show Up on Oct. 7’”

  1. Eyal Avatar

    Nice, informative, interesting piece. Interesting questions and observations.

    1. USCitizen12Generation Avatar

      Unholyhoods on the red carpet of bloodly perversion perpetuated via gov elites World Econ Forum SlickWIllieHilabeast, Gates Foundations for UN WHO Control of yours and mine each cell, breathe and step…on our path to annhilabion as SLAVES..stupid content to give away what our Ancestral Heritage sacrificed to pass on to each of us. B E T R A Y A L then to now from our FOUNDERS…all in between…vs Common Sense, Free WILL and our CREATORs Blessing for this now soil invaded by the DEMONS DEMONS of Planet Earth. ZIONIST INC. all inclusive vs. Human Beings with a CONSCIENCE…

  2. Pathma Avatar

    Oct 7th Jewish reality is what Palestinians have been facing day in and day out, while the Zionist diaspora in USA along with the Christian Zionist cult have been providing cover for the Israeli daily/nightly brutalization of the natives of the land, ie. Palestinians. It mirrors what we did to native Americans. Why are the rich and famous only concerned when a Jewish life is threatened? Especially since 1948, Jewish terrorist groups like the Stern gang and Irgun had murdered Palestinian families so they could steal their land and homes. These are all facts, that you can verify for yourself easily, as they are documented by Israeli journalists and authors. SO I ask you, where were you? Why were you silent all this time? Your silence percipitated the events of Oct 7th, because your silence and efforts to silence others, created the only option for 3 generations of Palestinians who have witnessed the suffering of their grand parents on down. When you are ready to be a voice for Peace, then only will peace be possible. Not just when you are “Progressive except for Palestine”.

    1. 12theGenAmerican Avatar

      ABOVE verbage without PROOF…rambling on…IGNORANCE ain’t bliss. Repitition of the painted TV faces, wardrobbed, hairpieces pre scripted simul cast! Yet all bend backwards to comply… PALESTINIANS existed when fools! HAMAS is what: that which has already entered this now land being invaded…So enjoy ya sow what ya reap… GOLDEN RULE of Free Will takes ya where your big moth sent it.

  3. Londo Molari Avatar
    Londo Molari

    Liberals have no one but themselves to blame. When kids are taught from pre-school through college that “White man bad. Brown man good” this is the result.

    It’s as simple as that.

  4. nikman Avatar

    jew leftists — leftists first , not jews first—- are shocked to find out that their ‘friends’ see them as ki–‘s ,and hold strongly that ‘itbah al yahud’ , the arab’s credo to slaughter all jews is valid viable and preferable . Hopefully their foolish leftism will not destroy the Jewish entity: so there will be somewhere to run to when the Pogroms in the USA pick up speed…..

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