‘South Park’ Shows the Most Nudity in Show’s History in OnlyFans-Centric Special

The latest Paramount+ exclusive from Matt Stone and Trey Parker has Randy naked for over nine minutes

South Park
"South Park" (Comedy Central)

“South Park” pushed the limits in a brand new way during its latest Paramount+ special.

The aptly titled “South Park (Not Suitable for Children)” contained more nudity in its 46-minute runtime than Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s animated comedy has shown to date. According to TheWrap’s calculations, nine minutes and 27 seconds of that runtime showed the character Randy naked from the waist down. True to the style of this adult animated comedy, the animation of Randy’s often-shown genitalia was more detailed and graphic that other examples of genitalia the series has shown in the past.

(Note: This estimate only applies to the regular seasons of “South Park” and its Paramount+ specials.


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