Seth Meyers Roasts MTG Meeting QAnon Shaman: ‘Hallmark’s Worst Christmas Movie Ever’ | Video

The fake movie was titled “Crazy in Love”

Marjorie Taylor Greene began 2023 by trying to distance herself from her past endorsements of QAnon conspiracy theory beliefs, but it appears she’s ending the year by getting friendly with the group once again.

The politician recently met with a major QAnon figure, drawing mockery from NBC host Seth Meyers on Tuesday night.

“Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene over the weekend met Jacob Chansley, the so-called QAnon Shaman, in what is being called Hallmark’s worst Christmas movie ever,” Meyers joked during his monologue.

At that, a mock-up of a movie poster popped up, showing Greene and Chansley (naturally in full shaman uniform) outside the Capitol, with festive adornments and some fake snow, titled “Crazy in Love.”


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